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The Boomer’s Guide to Recovering Your Lost Retirement:
The Bill Fisher Story

The recession of 2008 was a crushing blow to Baby Boomers, who had worked and saved all of their lives and just as they were about to retire with fat nest eggs, the economy collapsed and erased over half of their retirement funds. Many of the Boomers felt lost, depressed and helpless, not knowing what to do next or how to remedy this situation.

Here is the story of Bill Fisher, a Kansas City senior, who didn’t start saving and investing his money until he was 72 years old, and eighteen years later, he had amassed over one million dollars. Bill had an entry level job with his telecom company and he didn’t inherit a fortune or win the lottery. What Bill did was to save and invest his money wisely with his three pronged investment strategy.

It is not too late for you! You can follow the Bill Fisher example. For just an investment of $9.99, you can get the Bill Fisher Story E-book and discover the strategies that Bill Fisher used to grow his one million fortune.

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What You Will Learn!

  • How to get the maximum out of Social Security.
  • How to get multiple sources of income.
  • How to become an agent, representing other companies products/services, while working out of your own home.
  • How to do telemarketing from home with a proven script.
  • How to select the best high dividend paying stocks.
  • How to buy stocks directly with very small commissions.
  • How to buy stocks with a minimum of commissions.
  • Where to find good residential rental real estate.
  • Why Texas is a great location for rental homes.
  • How to take advantage of the upcoming rebound in housing.
  • Learn how to make your rental property shine above the competition on the market in your area.
  • Learn how to lock in a rental customer for multiple years with ever increasing rental rates.
  • Learn how to buy recently built, energy efficient houses in the $50. -$75. per square foot range. You can’t build them this cheap!!
social security retirement benefits

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Bill always said, “It is never too late to start investing!”
So, get started today and get Bill’s story now.


Michael R. Burns
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The Boomer's Guide To Recovering Your Lost Retirement: The Bill Fisher Story wins the Fall 2012 Pinnacle Book Achievement
in the category of Self Help

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